Why More People Are Investing in Custom Wood Doors

On the expensive side of the spectrum are interior doors made from solid wood, or from metal or glass (or metal and glass, depending on the door). solid wood doors are more often used for exteriors, but they can be used for the interior as well to create a look of classic elegance.

Featured Industry Leader: Chrissy Buchanan, President, Indiana Mortgage Bankers Association The Mortgage Bankers Association released its Commercial Real Estate/Multifamily Finance Quarterly Data Book for Q3 this week showing some grown in the markets as the economy begins to rebound with sales up 122% in the year to date.While mortgage delinquencies were mixed, property sales and originations volumes picked up with marginal declines in vacancy rates and a firming of asking rents.

Even a 1/16 inch gap along one border is greater than a 2 square inch hole. The insulation value of many exterior doors can be substantially improved by a properly installed storm door which in some cases can add more R/U improvement that a replacement door. Besides, some folks really like their old wood doors.

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7 best reason to use wooden doors and windows in house: 1. Wooden frames are very eye catching and look stunning on any property. 2. Windows with wooden frames are much more environment friendly compared to PVCu. 3. Timber window frames could pote.

Investing in custom wood doors means being able to choose exactly how your new additions will look and impact on your home, and there are plenty of safe options out there. But why would you want your home to look like those of everyone else? Why not go the extra mile creatively, and choose a lesser seen style?

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If you have a basic or "builder grade" entry door and you replace it with a decorative glass fiberglass or custom wood entry door, you can increase the value of the home between 4-6% depending on the homes value.

Since your wood doors are made to order in OUR manufacturing facility, custom size doors to fit odd sized openings are not a problem. Our solid wood doors are available in raised panel, flat panel, and solid flush doors with a multitude of options including louvers, k-braces, v-groove plank panels, carving and engraving, applied molding, Dutch.

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