3 Ways to Combat Phishing in 2019

May 3 2019. As technology evolves, so do phishing attempts.. down 2 forms of popular phishing attacks and the best way to combat them.

In the first quarter of 2016, the anti-phishing working group (apwg) observed more phishing attacks than at any other time in history. And this trend has big consequences. Below, we explore three ways.

11 tips to prevent phishing From rewarding employees for savvy security smarts, to showing them how breaches are relevant to their every-day duties, we’ve got the phishing prevention tips you need.

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Phishing attacks remained a rampant problem in 2018, and 2019 is already shaping up to offer more of the same. I spoke with Alexander Garca-Tobar, CEO and co-founder, Valimail to find out more.

The threat from phishing has intensified, and businesses need all the help they can get to parry the ever-complex attack in 2019. Thankfully, tools such as Threat Intelligence Platform and IP Geolocation API can help identify and neutralize the danger in several ways.

How to Prevent Phishing. Scammers send phishing emails or texts in an attempt to get money or private information out of you. They may also use them to install malicious programs on your computer that effectively hold important files.

Although most "phishes" come as email, phishing scams can also come in the form of text messages and phone calls. The good news is that you can take steps to help prevent getting hacked. How can you combat dangerous phishing attempts? Never give away personal information, especially username and password.

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Surely there must be a way to prevent phishing attacks, and enable employees to spot and delete such malicious messages? Infosecurity spoke to three anti-phishing vendors: Ironscales , Cofense (formerly PhishMe) and KnowBe4 to get the best advice on how to avoid becoming a victim.

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