Alchemint Monthly Progress Report (May 2019)

FORM 7 – MONTHLY PROGRESS report november 14, 2008 Page 1 FORM 7 MONTHLY PROGRESS REPORT For the Month of May, 2019 Name of CSE Issuer: Healthspace Data Systems Ltd. (the "Issuer"). Trading Symbol: HS Number of Outstanding Listed 141,172,988 common shares Securities:

Alchemint is a hybrid-model decentralized stablecoin issuing platform based on NEO blockchain. It enables any individual or institution to issue stablecoins by collateralizing assets through smart contracts and cross-chain technology.

Alchemint’s SDUSD is the first fiat-pegged coin on NEO. Anyone can issue SDUSD by collateralizing NEO on the decentralized Alchemint platform. SDUSD [SDUSD] is a token based on NEO blockchain.

MONTHLY PROGRESS REPORT Report Date: Prepared By: Prepared For: 12 | May P. Report Month: May 2019 Page 3 SOUTHBOROUGH PUBLIC SAFETY COMPLEX VERTEX PROJECT NO. 46188 construction activity schedule update cta provided a schedule update, which led to a team meeting. At the meeting schedule issues were addressed, and ultimately the team

April 2019 MONTHLY progress report project dashboard project: seaside school district 2016 GO BOND PROJECT. Monthly Rating APRIL 2019 MILESTONES. Heights – RECEIVED!!! MAY 2019 TARGET MILESTONES Prepare site for Early In-Water work to begin on May 1st Early In-Water work began on May 1st Working with the City on the East Hills

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I Will Submit Monthly Progress Report To CM Naveen Patnaik Tomorrow: Arun Sahu Alchemint has released its May monthly report, which includes an overview of updated issuance and collateralization statistics, development updates, and participation in events and community initiatives.. Alchemint is a cryptocurrency stablecoin issuance platform that mortgages digital assets as collateral to mint SDUSD.