Brexit party set for ‘Kent landslide’

On the eve of polling day, our final poll suggests farage is set to do so again, and even more remarkably, he is at the helm of a different party. "What’s more, the margin of their lead is even larger than that recorded by UKIP in 2014, with our final poll showing the Brexit Party some 17 points ahead of Labour.

Boris Johnson could be set for landslide victory in Tory leadership race as new poll reveals three out of four party members will back him over Jeremy Hunt

The party set up by Nigel Farage to fight for Brexit is poised to sweep up in the European Parliament election – potentially taking five seats in the region that incorporates Kent and Medway. A.

On Thursday Britons will take to the polls in the European elections and according to one bookmakers, the Brexit Party is set for a resounding victory. Star Spreads reveal that the seat projection for the EU election puts Mr Farage’s Party way in front with over a third of the seats, followed by Labour, the [.]

Mr Farage has since set up a separate party called the Brexit Party which he claims will spark a political "revolution" and give voters the chance to "fight back against the betrayal of democracy". Mr Farage, who tried and failed seven times to become a Ukip MP, has been an MEP since 1999.

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Boris Johnson could become prime minister in a landslide victory, a new poll suggests.. The tory leadership candidate is closing in on the keys to 10 Downing Street as he is backed by 74 per cent of the party, with rival Jeremy Hunt on just 26 per cent, according to a You Gov poll.. Ballot papers have started to arrive for party members, but Mr Hunt has pleaded for them to refrain from voting.

Brexit Party POLLS: Farage’s Brexit Party set for LANDSLIDE support as they TOP poll NIGEL FARAGE’S Brexit Party could be heading for victory in the forthcoming European elections, the latest.

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In an indirect swipe at his brother, he said that the pro-Brexit campaign had offered “a fantasy set of promises. his.

Brexit Party LANDSLIDE: Farage’s party set to win 27 SEATS at European elections -analysis NIGEL Farage’s Brexit Party is set for a landslide number of seats against its rival parties in the European elections on Thursday, according analysis by a Dublin.

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