Challenge to Sturgeon on ‘cronyism’

Rampant cronyism and corruption:. Nicola Sturgeon lied to everyone claiming it was not compulsory – but it is compulsory for every child to have a named person, whether parents and children want one, with some parents finding, depending on the age of their children, they could have up to 4.

Royal Bank of Scotland is investigating allegations of cronyism after a whistleblower claimed the lender. There were times when his team wanted to challenge decisions but he had no knowledge and.

Nicola Sturgeon was last night at the centre of a fresh row about cronyism as new evidence emerged of links between Scottish government and pro-independence donors. The first minister was asked to.

ROYAL Bank of Scotland is investigating allegations of cronyism after a whistleblower claimed the lender appointed a man to a top role on the basis that he is the friend of a senior staff member.. A source within the bank said RBS is looking into complaints that a man appointed team leader on the troubled Amethyst project does not have the requisite qualifications or experience for the role.

Schneiderman, a First Amendment challenge to a New York law that allows merchants to give discounts to customers who pay in cash, but criminalizes the imposition of surcharges for customers who use credit cards, arguing that "the Framers sought to protect speech from the type of cronyism and rent-seeking the New York’s no-surcharge law manifests."

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 · Nicola Sturgeon challenges May with second referendum bill This article is more than 2 years old Scottish first minister to publish draft bill for independence poll, saying she has mandate to.

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Scotland’s NHS health crisis is laid bare, 1,000 operations cancelled since January, how much longer can unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s serial incompetence be tolerated, Scots deserve better but Nationalists ran a con trick on them telling them NHS was safe in their hands, it isn’t!

Nicola Sturgeon: Told an Edinburgh Book Festival audience that if she would prefer a different name for the SNP. the history of the obscured and forgotten into the ongoing national story of Scotland is bound up with the challenge of mapping out a future nation state.. the cronyism, the bigotry and cant, the wasted potential, and the yoke.