Charleston-area home showings plunge again in April for 9th consecutive month

If your home has really unique features or word of mouth press in the community, there may be people who want to view it but have no interest in purchasing it or any other home. Having an open house may reduce those gratuitous showings. Is an open house guaranteed to sell your home? No. Is an open house for every seller? Again, no.

NEW YORK – Home prices in many cities, including metro Denver, continued to plunge by record levels in January. P tracks have seen falling prices for five consecutive months when compared with the.

 · The number of Canadian homes sold in March plunged 23 per cent and the national average price was down 10 per cent from the same month last year amid double-digit plunges in most housing markets.

The latest monthly figures from the Canadian Real Estate Association showed that sales volume was down 16.9% in February compared with a year ago, and down 6.5% compared with January. Canadian MLS®.

April and August were both exceedingly wet, ranking as the third and second wettest on record for those particular months, respectively. November ranked as the fifth driest on record. Hugo led the Mesonet with 56.9 inches of rain for the year. Buffalo had the lowest total at 21.1 inches.

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China bought gold for a fifth consecutive month in April. The 14.9-ton increase was the largest since 2016 and it took the year-to-April total to 57.9 tons.

Slowdown won’t keep Chinese from calling Bangkok ‘second home’ The services index dropped 2.4 points to 52.9 after falling 0.7 ticks to 55.3. Chris Williamson, Chief Business Economist at IHS Markit: "The US economy started the second quarter with. are in a.

Manhattan rents in April, after subtracting concessions, fell 2.2 percent, to a median of $3,236, the fifth consecutive month of year-over-year declines. the decline was 2.9 percent, to a median of.

The rally has fizzled out in April, though. Last week, GE stock plunged 10%, sparked by a big analyst downgrade. As of 2 p.m. EDT on Monday, the stock was set to move lower for a ninth consecutive.

Double-dip plunge in US home prices By Barry Grey 1 June 2011 US home prices fell for the eighth consecutive month in March, bringing them below the previous low point since the housing bubble.

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Many factors may be contributing to this uptick in showings: Families are back from summer holidays, interest rates are still low, prices have continued to drop, and the $8,000 First-time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit is encouraging renters to get in the game! This is all good news that show the resiliency of our Charleston Area Market.