Child stair gates fail safety tests and pose ‘serious risk’

European Union Popular stair gate brands fail safety tests as consumers urged not to use them A consumer group says the tests show some gates pose a "serious risk" to children 1 2

7 Common Childhood Accidents And How To Prevent Them. Make sure you fit a safety gate at the top and bottom of stairs and ensure any damaged or worn carpet is repaired or removed to avoid tripping hazards. Likewise, don’t leave items on the stairs as they could be stepped on, resulting in a fall for anyone.. (understandably) so can pose.

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Children under five are most at risk. The majority of accidents are preventable through simple precautions such as isolating hazards (e.g. poisons and medications) or installing safety products to guard against them (e.g. stair gates). Nothing is as effective as active adult supervision in preventing child injuries within the home.

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Please note if you are a provider registered with CQC, and with premises located in England, CQC is the relevant regulatory body for patient safety matters HSE is aware of numerous incidents where patients or residents have fallen on stairs, which have resulted in serious injury or death. There are.

Parents are being warned not to buy or use three stair gates that demonstrated serious safety failures during recent Which? testing. Samples of the Dreambaby Retractable Gate, Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe Safety Gate and Safetots Self-closing gate (when fitted with adhesive pads) all failed to meet the criteria for the fatigue test.

Eight stair gates tested by Which? have demonstrated serious safety failures that could prove dangerous for your toddler or child. Samples of the Premier True Pressure and Perfect Close, both made by BabyDan, the Chelsea and Liberty, both made by Dreambaby, the Auto Close and Wooden Extending Gate, both made by Cuggl, the Lindam Sure Shut Orto and the Mothercare Wooden Wall Fix Gate all failed.

Popular stair gate brands fail safety tests – and some pose a ‘serious risk’ to your child "He’s such a happy child really, after everything he’s been through he does get stressed out but his.

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