Ignore the #Quexiteers: they’ve got Queenslanders all wrong

Labor has lost what had been seen as an unlosable election. How could everything go so wrong? How could the polls have got it all so wrong? Firstly, here, is the united australia party vote and Clive Palmer’s money. Regardless of whether he achieves a Senate seat, Palmer is channelling roughly 3.5.

These are tough people that have always had to work hard to get what they’ve got. Heavy blue collar people. I lived in Sydney and worked in North Sydney, So i know the rat race. These guys just see all the suits and the money they make in their offices and think its easy compared to what they do.

Yep , that’s right. Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten are the smartest people in Australia. They’ve decided what’s best for us and we don’t get a say in it. And if you don’t like their colluding tactics well you can vote the encumbent out. Of course he’ll be replaced by a fella with the exact same policies , but.too bad Australia.

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That's In Queensland! Got to be honest I really don’t understand this situation.. to my mother to me. One thing I know is I’ve been through a few and they’ve been through shitloads more when the structural standards were less.. If you decide to ignore it, there is nobody there to save you. *Z*, Sep 8, 2017 #208.

The season is done. The draft is over. Now begins the NBA’s silliest season. With free agency set to open at 6 p.m. ET on June 30, this week is going to be filled with reports and rumors about who’s headed where and what stars are potentially teaming up.

Read all the latest news on Police Shooting. Mohamed Noor sentenced to 12-and-a-half years’ jail for murder of justine damond ruszczyk. To all those #Quexiteers: Don’t judge, try to understand us. OPINION: Ignore the Quexiteers: they’ve got Queenslanders all wrong. 5/22/2019

Edward Snowden says he is willing to go to prison in order to return to the United States. "So far they’ve said they won’t torture me, which is a start, I think. But we haven’t gotten much further.

“But as understandable as all of these things are. so it’s nice knowing that when I go over there that I’ve got the judges re-scoring it. and they’ve got me winning again,” Horn said. “To win.