Rep. Greg Pence tweaked his campaign finance report ‘to avoid confusion … from hostile reporters,’ spokesman says

Since his delivery to the media circus two months ago, the details of his life, background, hairstyle, and musical tastes have been recounted in detail by fascinated reporters. Example: His first appearance at a US District Court last Friday in Alexandria, Virginia, was one of a.

 · Greg Miller reports: “The pattern has become a source of mounting concern to senior U.S. intelligence officials who had hoped that Trump, as he settled into office, would become less hostile.

Types of Credit: Credit Cards, Personal Loans, or Home Equity Loans? Around July 4, someone stole the account number of his wife’s Discover credit card. types,” it said. “People who have real estate loans and pay them on time see an increase in their credit.

Emily Kopp / roll call: rep. greg pence tweaked his campaign finance report ‘to avoid confusion.from hostile reporters,’ spokesman says.a report finds – (CNN)Black drivers are 91% more likely than whites to be pulled over by police, a report from the Missouri Attorney General has.

Trump’s comments blur line between ‘oppo research’ and stolen information democratic lawmakers ‘astonished’ by Trump’s claim that taking foreign ‘dirt’ is routine Rep. Greg Pence tweaked his campaign finance report ‘to avoid confusion.from hostile reporters,’ spokesman says

The case involves a House committee’s efforts to follow up on the testimony of Trump’s now-incarcerated former attorney, Michael Cohen, that Trump had allegedly committed financial and tax fraud, and allegedly paid off paramours in violation of campaign finance laws.

Lexington church says agitators’ are responsible for discord over pastor A uniformed Lexington. pastor,” the letter says. “If, on the other hand, a majority of the members present vote in favor of the resolution, then we will insist that Cameron must accept and respect.

Rep. Greg Pence, facing scrutiny for spending campaign funds on overnight stays at the Trump International Hotel, tweaked his campaign finance filings Tuesday "in order to avoid confusion here from hostile reporters," a spokesman said. A report to the Federal Election Commission shows that Pence, the brother of Vice President Mike Pence, has spent $22,064 at the Trump’s hotel in Washington since December for various fundraising-related expenses.

"In order to avoid confusion here from hostile reporters, the FEC report will be amended to change the description from `lodging’ to `fundraising event costs,’" Robertson said before the updated.

This video of Sharron Angle is destined for cable play: It shows her refusing to answer a reporter’s questions about national security policy and a local air force base, instead informing him smugly.

 · Of course you’ll never see that quoted in WaPo. An open, unbiased survey of the scientific community is exactly what the “97% consensus science” community fears. The other fear is that global cooling will follow the current low level of solar activity.