Scottish parliament consults on introducing rent controls

Council notes the introduction of the Proposed Restricted Roads (20mph Limit) (Scotland) Bill to the Scottish Parliament by Mark Ruskell MSP and understands this Bill seeks to make 20mph the default speed limit on most residential streets in Scotland.

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A short history of rent control, contains more detail on the history of rent control in the UK. Housing policy is a devolved matter and different approaches to rent regulation in the private rented sector are being adopted by some of the devolved nations.

The leak forced the party onto the back foot, revealing their intentions to take the energy industry, railways, buses and the Royal Mail back under public control. homes by the end of next.

The Scottish Parliament have approved the introduction of the right to extend the period within which an appointed person must determine a delegated application (and therefore the date on which the three month period for lodging a review ends) by written agreement between applicant and planning authority.

Percy, mum to Elizabeth, 15, Jack, 13, and George, six, estimates she and her husband, a school premises manager, have paid £150,000 in rent since their first. The government is continuing to.

the Scottish Parliament and, in a less direct manner, delineates the functions’ of the Scottish ministers and thus of the Scottish Government as a whole.4 2.1 The powers of the Scottish Parliament The Act devolved the power to the Scottish Parliament to make primary legislation on all matters which are not reserved to the UK Parliament, as.

Katharine Jones does not work for/consult. 2016 Scottish elections – even though they currently seem incoherent. The plans will be subject to criticism and amendment in parliament along the way.

Lib Dem MSP jim hume warned introducing rent controls could actually see an increase in rent costs. The Committee set up to look at the Bill are asking the Scottish Government for more information on why they consider the rent cap proposal necessary when they are.

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During the general election campaign, David Cameron vowed to introduce a. Commission agreement on Scottish devolution. The Smith proposals included giving Holyrood the power to set income tax rates.

Uber’s gig economy drivers in UK band together for rights To recap: the claimants, both Uber drivers, argued that Uber failed to pay the minimum wage and failed to provide paid leave under the national minimum wage act 1998 and Employment Rights Act 1996 respectively.