‘The full Willy Wonka tour:’ Inside weed company Cresco’s production house

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But the recession would see those dreams dashed, and in 2009 the business partners took a risk and diversified their investment portfolio in a new way by putting money into an up-and-coming cannabis.

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06/10/2019 – 4:26pm ‘The full Willy Wonka tour:’ Inside weed company Cresco’s production house – Yahoo Finance 04/01/2019 – 3:00am Cresco Labs to Acquire Origin House in Largest-Ever Public Company Acquisition in the U.S. Cannabis Sector – The DMO

What Happened MedMen said Thursday it reached an agreement to acquire the medical cannabis company in what’s considered to be the biggest M&A deal to date within the legal marijuana industry. the.

‘The full Willy Wonka tour:’ Inside weed company Cresco’s production house It’s the company’s flagship production house where it grows, processes, packages, and distributes medical marijuana, and is now ramping up to meet. Source: Cannabis ‘The full willy wonka tour:’.

I was told that when that happens, the "engineers" from the other factories come in to oversee production. inside but was told by a man with a walkie-talkie that this was impossible. At that point,

One clear component of this was the idea that a permit to sell medical marijuana immediately gave a company a leg up when cannabis was. calls this "the Willy Wonka effect" after the Roald Dahl.

 · ”It’s the full Willy Wonka tour,” Jason Nelson, Cresco’s vice president of production, told Yahoo Finance. “You go from weed, to cooking weed, to cooking edibles.” voted late last month to legalize recreational marijuana. Until then, Cresco’s vertically integrated operation – consisting of three growing and processing facilities – was 100% dedicated to producing packaged goods for the state’s.

If you have doubts that cannabis is on its way from illegal to industrial, take a look inside Cresco Labs’ custom-built, 43,000-square-foot production facility in Joliet, Illinois.

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