The Legacy of Redlining

redlining, the troubled zeitgeist of 2019 in Los Angeles is its legacy. Redlining is the elephant in the room in our nation’s economic history and in the modern conversation about gentrification in Los Angeles. Redlining was a systematic denial of economic investment, largely on the basis of race, that was codified into federal policy in the.

"Redlining" just sounds like an an old-timey term, a practice that exists only in history and our re-tellings of it. The word has particular roots in.

A new exhibit at the federal reserve shows the long-term impact of the mid-20th- century home-lending guidelines that shut off some areas of.

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Across the Rust Belt, the legacy of this bureaucratic discrimination is still apparent today. In the maps below, I layered current income data from the U.S. Census on top of the HOLC maps of Detroit, Cleveland, and Chicago. On the Census layer, dark grey areas are above the poverty line while light grey areas are below the poverty line.

A panel discussion on the lack of redevelopment on Cleveland’s East Side pointed to historical causes such as redlining, but also highlight recent bright spots of growth.

The historical legacy of "redlining," or systematically designating African American and immigrant communities as "high risk" or altogether off-limits for lenders and insurers, shapes our current housing and neighborhood landscape.

Mapping Inequality introduces viewer to the records of the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation on a scale that is unprecedented. Here you can browse more than 150 interactive maps and thousands of "area descriptions." These materials afford an extraordinary view of the contours of wealth and racial inequality in Depression-era American cities and insights into discriminatory policies and practices.

The exhibit centers on the legacy of “redlining” in Chicago and how the practice helped manufacture the racial and wealth divides that define the city today. redlining refers to the practice of.

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Redlining defined the new migration and housing trends of the era, segregating communities and establishing patterns of living that remained unchanged for decades.

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"The persistence of the legacy of redlining, in terms of its current effect on asthma health care utilization, was striking," says John Balmes, director of the UC Berkeley-UC San Francisco.