The time to think beyond renting

A short-term vacation rental requires more regular maintenance, because you have to clean the property in between guests. But they do command a much higher nightly rate, so usually anything over a 50% occupancy rate will be more profitable than renting long-term and full-time.

7 Things You Should Know About Tenant Rights. STAE’s mission includes helping landlords receive rent on time and keeping tenants from becoming homeless.. landlord should specify in the lease agreement how many days to expect for notice – seven days, for example – but beyond paying.

Triangle home sales rise in May, buyers get personal On the downside, part of this may be the effect of buyers trying to jump into the market before the mortgage rules get more. drop in home prices that would mean these mortgages are still just 95%.Why do rankings say living in Lexington is a smart choice? Two American companies that tied for first in the world rankings, Google and The Walt Disney Company, didn’t do as well. at No. 147. Why is reputation important? According to Reputation Institute’s.

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Are you really ready to rent an apartment? Apartment Guide helps you decide, by explaining all the things you need to think about before you start apartment shopping. When you go looking at.

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 · Reevaluating your savings withdrawal rate (early retirement) A “safe withdrawal rate” is the amount of money (typically expressed as a percentage) you can withdraw from your portfolio each year that will ensure your money will last for the rest of your life. financial planners commonly recommend 4% as a safe withdrawal rate if you need your nest egg to last 30+ years.

You may get great tenants that pay rent on time and respect the property. Or you may get tenants that never pay rent on time and wreck the place. Even if your tenants are decent, you will still deal with the stress of needing to answer their phone calls, keep up with maintenance, etc.

1 day ago. Getting a roommate can cut your rental costs in half.. “At the time I was like wow, he waited two days,” she said. “This is. Think beyond rent.

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Weak pound has ripple effect on house prices Overinflated housing market: This kind of housing market results in a fall of equity and personal wealth, but it doesn’t stop there; it makes the dollar fall as well, as the effect of declining home prices ripples throughout the economy.

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