What’s an acceptable commute to work? Cutting your costs. – family budgeting

Thanks for sharing your. cost more. Our gas and grocery credit card tends to run from $1100-$1300 most months. We are a family of four, and I pack lunches for my kids most days. My husband takes.

And we’re not alone. The average employee in the U.S. spends about 26 minutes commuting each way to work, U.S. Census data found. The Census’s 2015 American community survey data shows that the average American’s commute to work reached 26.4 minutes in 2015, which is 24 seconds longer than the previous year.

“In 2000, the average commute was 25.5 minutes.. for his family's privacy, but who boasts over 4 million unique hits for his. the average by driving a smaller and more reliable car, but the cost is. “So if you have a 20-mile commute to work, multiply it out: 40 miles. Is Trump the reason the Fed cut rates?

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The distance between your home and your place of work is your commute, and the time you spend driving between home and work, no matter how far, is your commuting distance. The IRS does not generally allow deductions for commuting expenses.

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Budgets give you a framework for your spending habits. When the expenses outweigh the income on the budget, it’s time to tighten the belt. Cutting the household budget gives you more breathing room when it comes to financial commitments. A few dollars here and there trimmed from the budget adds up over time, giving you more of a budgetary cushion.

If you have one place of work that you only ever travel to by car (i.e. every time you’re needed to work, you drive there) I’d say it’s commuting. If you work for an agency whereby, for example, you might be asked to work at a nursing home one week or a hospital the next, it’s business use.

Companies looking to relocate simply to cut costs may find the high turnover that results more costly in the long run. Commuting is a big part of our lives, so it makes perfect sense that it would affect so much of the world around us, especially the cities we live in.