What’s really happening to house prices

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Its data lags the other indices but its most recent data revealed that in September the average UK house price fell by 0.2%, and in London, prices fell by 0.7%.

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What’s happening to house prices? Monthly house prices are unchanged (0%), while the average annual rate of house price growth slows to 2.1% (the lowest it has been since July 2013).

 · Recent nationwide figures suggested that house prices have peaked for now and inflation is on its way towards zero, with annual house price.

Most of the public concern about housing markets is based on claims that house prices have increased at historically anomalous rates and that house prices have outpaced incomes. What’s really going on with UK house prices, explained in three charts. Property, and investment in it, is a long game and when looking at the price changes on an annual basis, the UKHPI paints a rather different picture.

What’s happening to house prices? House prices have risen for nine consecutive months, but will this continue and is now a good time to buy. Clare Francis speaks to Nationwide’s Chief Economist, Martin Gahbauer about his views on the current market.

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what’s really happening to house prices? A client told me recently he had read two conflicting surveys about house prices but didn’t know which to trust. The government’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) reported that property market activity in England and Wales was slowing whereas Rightmove said house prices were still on the up.