Why Microsoft Wants to Regulate Own Facial Recognition IT

I think the issue around facial recognition technology is a real one, and I understand why people are. But if you want more protection – which I think is totally reasonable – the federal government.

More than 300,000 developers use Face++ to build their own face detection. In July, Microsoft, which both researches and commercializes A.I., called for “a government initiative to regulate the.

Three added to Columbia marijuana conspiracy Why Microsoft Wants to Regulate Own Facial Recognition IT Microsoft urges US government to regulate facial recognition. – Microsoft has called on the US government to step in and regulate the use of facial.

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 · Microsoft Urges Congress To Regulate Facial Recognition Technology In a rough year for tech, Microsoft unseated Apple as the most valuable company. It’s.

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Cadillac Fairview is suspending its use of facial recognition. “Does it mean everyone wants to be secretive? Absolutely not. That’s not what privacy is. Privacy is about individuals having choice.

Microsoft is urging Congress to put more regulation on facial recognition technology. As The New York Times points out, it’s not common for tech companies to request regulations on their products.

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 · Microsoft calls on Congress to regulate face recognition. In a blog post, Microsoft also said it is consulting with outside groups to help set its own policies for how it will use and sell such technology. Why it matters: Face recognition can be used for a range of purposes, from reuniting missing kids to mass surveillance. Currently, there are few rules for those using or selling the technology.

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“I heard a guy scream he got.Why Microsoft Wants to Regulate Own Facial Recognition IT Microsoft wants regulation of facial recognition technology. – Microsoft wants regulation of facial recognition technology to limit abuse’ July. 14, 2018 Microsoft has helped innovate facial recognition software. Now it’s urging the US government to enact regulation to control the use of the technology. In a blog post,