Financial challenges continue to plague Long Island millennials – nextLI

Possible layoffs loom as Long Beach faces financial problems. we will be facing significant financial challenges going forward.. PSEG Long Island says it expects to have enough electric.

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Twenty-something Long Island millennials have three stark living choices: Move to New York City or out of state after high school/college, live at home with parents, or take a risk renting in Long.

But a construction loan, essentially a sum of money you get to finance your building costs. That makes millennials a coveted generation for cities looking to bolster their workforce and tax base.. Despite this, obesity rates in the U.S. continue to climb. How Long It Takes to Afford a Down Payment on the Minimum Wage.

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Financial Challenges Continue to Plague Long Island Millennials. This article, originally published on Newsday’s NextLI site, can be found here. godsonmichel. 0. Press. 19 Jun. Introducing The New Urban League of Long Island Website. This article, originally published on Urban League of Long.

Millennials in an Aging Long Island Fewer than a million people were living on Long Island in the years just after World War II. But that population exploded with suburbanization and the baby boom (1946-64): between the 1950 and 1960 censuses, while the total US population grew 18.5%, Long Island’s more than doubled (+107%) to 1.97 million.

"Changing careers is a big step but if the job seeker has thought it through, they can set themselves up for a future that aligns with their personal goals and financial. long you stay in one job..

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Millennials on Long Island are projected to see a decrease in the next ten years. lir photo Credit: Kerri Schreiber "That will have a dramatic impact on our schools, taxes that we pay and the values of our properties," Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos said.

Millennials Face Financial Hurdles. They are underemployed and burdened with college debt. Gary Mottola is a research director for the investor education foundation.