Gimenez and Regalado battle it out in Spanish for the first and last time

Carlos Gimenez – The county mayor endorsed barreiro and really hoped she would eke it out. She’s controllable for his last two years, which can now be a little rocky if Higgins pans out the way many of us hope.. And it’s gonna be a boost to some of the first time candidates on the.

Regalado’s planned run for mayor sets up a battle between a two-term school board member with little administrative experience and a long-time public administrator now in his fifth year as Miami.

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Gimenez and Regalado battle it out in Spanish for the first and last time For final debate, mayoral candidates spar over "token" hires in County Hall Carlos Gimenez

The county-funded part of the trip was only the first nine days (Gimenez extended it four days paid personally, his office said). It took Gimenez and his cabinet to Madrid Jan. 4 to meet with soccer executives in an effort to bring more international games to Miami.

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Miami New Times.This week, Luke calls out Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado. Miami really needs to get rid of Mayor Tomas Regalado. It’s time to recall

Antoine Gimenez was an Italian who fought in the Durruti Column during the Spanish Civil War. "Sons of Night" is the first English translation of his memoir. ROAR Magazine is an independent journal of the radical imagination providing grassroots perspectives from the frontlines of the global struggle for real democracy.

Raquel Regalado appears ready to enter the race to unseat Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez. Last week she revealed an alliance with billionaire Norman Braman in a court fight against the Gimenez.

Absentee ballots will be arriving in our mailboxes tomorrow Tuesday and as of today where is the rally call from the PBA? Has anybody gotten a letter or a call from John Rivera asking for help in supporting Raquel Regalado? Nothing, zilch. If he opposes Carlos Gimenez so much and our PBA is such as defender of of its members rights to benefits why is there no organized effort to derail Gimenez.

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With American Dream projecting as many as 25,000 full-time jobs and a $4 billion construction project, Gimenez touts the project as a historic economic boon for Miami-Dade. Critics, including mayoral.