Spooked by the vote? Keep calm and read on

To keep your horse calm, you can use the reins on the horse properly or use the drop head cue. Your breathing and demeanor as a rider can also help to keep your horse calm and ensure you both have a smooth ride. Spooked by the vote? Keep calm and read on.

The ones, like you, who keep changing their minds. You change your mind about who to vote for each time you read the news? At least you read the news. Some of my patients tell me they can’t decide.

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The Yes campaign presented a vote for independence as a way to show pride in Scotland and belief in its ability to thrive on its own – a position whose sunny optimism continued to win over voters until the very last minute.

I think I once read that structures might also spook animals trying to run away from you. I don’t know about unicorns and neither, if this will be helpful to you, but I’m just going to say, that with the horses I’ve tamed so far, I just needed to keep a distance when they got spooked. If you follow them and get too close they won’t calm down.

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BREXIT BACKFEIRE Irish PM Leo Varadkar stuns Brexiteers by doing his best to sabotage EU talks – yet Dublin admits it fears ‘No Deal’ and crippling food or medicine shortages

The latest Tweets from Keep CALM & VOTE (@roosterado9). I respect Students right to protest/march! Dem Party stance on #Vaping and #Gun Control have left me without a party to support #GoNra #TobaccoHarmReduction. Willmar, MN

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People haphazardly threw items all over the place. I did end up finding a handful of good things during the hour or so I spent there, but had a much more enjoyable experience at the goodwill retail store next door in the complex. Never EVER going here again alone, may give it another shot with a friend who can help keep calm. Read more

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