Whistleblowers: should doing right thing be reward enough?

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Unfortunately, whistleblowers sometimes pay a high price for doing the right thing. They might be targeted for retaliation by the companies they work for. Such retaliation can take the form of unfair treatment, harassment, or outright termination, among other things. Generally speaking, whistleblower relation is unlawful.

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A person can save the government or a company money and be compensated for doing the right thing. On the other hand, even though a whistleblower believes they are doing the right thing, doesn’t necessary mean the law or the public, for that matter, will embrace their whistleblowing.

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The recommendation they made to Parliament, following their investigation, was that a State programme to reward whistleblowers should not be implemented. This means that Parliament will not be introducing any law on the State offering financial incentives to individuals who whistleblow in the financial sector.

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The decision to become a whistleblower came at a time when Percival and his family were at their most comfortable financially. Earlier in his life, things were not so easy. He’d show his bosses how.

A whistleblower claim made in good faith, which reveals the truth, should in a perfect world succeed and reward the person who took the chance to do the right thing. But we must recall the old adage "No good deed goes unpunished."

There are plenty of issues to be worked out, such as whether a whistle-blower must first attempt to report the problem internally to be eligible for an award, and whether audit and compliance employees, whose job it is to make sure the company is doing the right thing, can be whistle-blowers.

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The article quotes Bongino as he portrays himself as some kind of noble whistleblower from within the Obama. The bottom line is Republicans should do nothing to reward this type of betrayal of a.

"And so when I did my due diligence, sure enough, she couldn’t answer questions. "At the same time, this bill protects whistleblowers who do the right thing. We want to reward, cherish, and promote.